templated gentelmen engraved sign (Oval)

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Custom Engraved Signs

Additional Information

Use this template design to emphasize your need, by simply modifying text.

Engraved signs are a great way to make your sign look sophisticated. Our  engraved signage is a two color plastic. The two most common are plastics which are white with a color coating. The engraver routes the color which leaves a white image.  Some of the engraving applications you will find here are badges, door plates, plaques, desk plates or anything where small copy is required.

To change the background color on your custom engraved signs, select the item tool within the design tool after you hit customize it.

Our custom room signs are manufactured using 1/16" thick, two color engravable plastic Rowmark material. To see the actual samples of the color combinations, please click HERE.

Please find below the different two color combinations that are available from Rowmark.


  • Red/White
  • Red/Black
  • Red/Yellow
  • Orange/White
  • Orange/Black
  • Yellow/Black
  • Yellow/Red
  • Yellow/Blue
  • Green/White
  • Blue/White
  • Blue/Yellow
  • Blue/Silver
  • Purple/White
  • Brown/White
  • White/Brown
  • White/Black
  • White/Red
  • White/Green
  • White/Orange
  • White/Blue
  • Grey/White
  • Grey/Black
  • Black/Yellow
  • Black/Red
  • Black/Silver
  • Black/Gold
  • Black/White

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