Banner Installation Services

Banner Installation Services

Here you will find examples of ways you can install temporary banners and signs effectively and inexpensively.

We can use Digitally printed mesh banner material that allows the wind to pass through the banner. We can also attach large banners from all sides using bunji rope and a banner frame system. This increases the life span of the banner and allows you to quickly remove and replace a building banner. Please contact us for more information on banner installation services.



It is possible today to install building banners and signs without using any hardware. If the banners are going to be installed onto smooth surface such as large bays of windows or even smooth aluminum cladding we can use supper suction cups. These are similar suction cups as those used to move and install large windows. When they are applied to the surface of the building they provide the needed mounting method for lightweight mesh banners.

Removable adhesive backed vinyl is a good example of using removable adhesive backed vinyl printed with an overlapping 3" seam. This seam is virtually invisible and allows us to install these signs without using any hardware. This spectacular removable vinyl technology can be applied to any smooth surface and later removed without leaving any glue residue. These signs were installed on the Vetro Building at the corner of Wells & Harrison in downtown Chicago.


Welcome to SIGNS-N-FRAMES. We can help you install Signs of all Shapes and Sizes. One of our recently Installed signs was on 161 W. Harrison in Chicago IL. The material that was used on this installation was removable / temporary digital vinyl. This low tack adhesive vinyl was the idle material for this installation. This installation was installed onto smooth composite architectural building cladding. What truly makes this vinyl so amazing is that when it’s removed there won’t be messy adhesive left on the surface. Making it convenient on the customer and reducing the required installation hardware to not being needed at all! The installation of these graphics required an aerial boom lift helping the installer have the height and angle to easily and smoothly apply the graphic upon the glass. This material is a long lasting and weather durable, allowing you to have a bight and eye catching sign for lasting years.

One of our other recent installations was for our neighboring business, the Double Tree Hotel. The material that was installed on to front of the hotel is labeled as Mesh banner. Mesh Vinyl Banner, Mesh Banners are Digitally Custom printed in full color on Outdoor Durable material. The Digitally custom colors intended to contrast the building perfectly. This material is specially made to have wind easy pass through allowing no stress to be put upon the banner its self. The hardware used in this banner installation was bungee cords, and super sucker banner holder. There was no need of any drilled holes or screws and bolts due to the super sucker. As you can see in the picture below the small black circles around the perimeter of the banner are the super suckers and also the only needed support of the mesh banner.


A Recent celebration banner that had installation requirement was done on our local High School, Niles West. This installation requirement was a banner frame slot system. This system is ideal for displaying large banners on the sides of buildings, as well as freestanding either indoors or outdoors. A range of tube lengths allows banners of various sizes to be displayed. The installation required two to three people. The process included bungee cord running through the frame of the banner then through the banner itself. The purpose of the bungee cord is to relieve stress from the banner, but not to leave it loose. This process gives a levitation consciousness. Were proud to be working with our local High Schools Both Niles North and Niles West.

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