Sign Installation Services

Banner Installation Services

We can help you install banners of all sizes and shapes. Most cities across the area requires permits for Banners. When used outside banners are used as a temporary means to get your message across. Banners can be installed onto a building our suspended between two posts. Banners installed onto a building must be installed flush to the building in order to prevent wind getting under the banner and tearing off the wall. Wind is the enemy of large banners and must be considered before installing the banner onto the wall. If the wind can not escape from the back of the banner then the banner will fly off your building.

Letters, Logos, and Plaque Installation Services

We can installs letters, logos, & plaques both inside and outside. Permits are required for businesses wanting to install letters and logos outside. The permit requirements vary depending on the village or city your business is located. Some of the materials we use to construct your letters & Logos are as follows:

    • Acrylic up to 1/2' thick
    • Gaterfoam letters with metal overlay (brushed Gold & Silver are the most popular). These are perfect for behind a reception counter.
    • Aluminum letters with anodized and polished anodized finishes
    • Formed Plastic Letters

We have design experts who can help develop a comprehensive directional and wayfinding signage program. Our custom graphic services, including state-of-the-art engraving capabilities, allow us to match your directional signs to the existing look of your facility. We can incorporate your company’s colors, graphics and messaging so that your customers see a consistent brand image which leads to better brand awareness.

Post & Panel Sign Installation Services

We are licensed contractors and are bonded in most cities around the area. Installation of Post & Panel Signs differ depending on the City or Village you are in. Most City Governments in the area are really concerned about the appearance of the store front or assets on the land that you own. Consequently, they want to know what the sign will look like and where it will be installed.

SIGNS-N-FRAMES must provide to the city Government the following before work can begin: 1. Plat of Survey showing where the sign will be installed 2. Property owners approval 3. Scaled drawing showing elevation, colors, and construction of the post & panel Signs.

Vehicle Car Wraps & Graphic Installation
SIGNS-N-FRAMES installs graphics and letters onto vans, SUV's, buses, trucks, boats, planes, and trailers. We are experts at installing vehicle lettering and graphic wraps. We request that our customers clean and drop off the vehicle at SIGNS-N-FRAMES on the predetermined scheduled installation date. The time it will take to install lettering & graphics will depend on the amount of lettering and percent of coverage. If the vehicle has over 40% graphic coverage than we request to have the vehicle most of the day. If you have a fleet of vehicles then we can travel to you for the installation. The cost to install vehicle lettering and graphics is charged by the hour and depends on the following: Percent of Coverage Installation Location difficulty to install Installation time
Window Letter & Graphic Installation

Window graphics help identify your business and your store front. They help inform your customers of your products and services 24 hours a day, window graphics and lettering can be installed on either the inside surface facing out or on the outside surface facing out. The outside surface of the window is the best surface for maximum visibility. Please specify when ordering which surface you choose. More information about installation and removal instructions can be found by navigating to our learning Center and choosing letters and decals.


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