Wind Sail Premium Leaf

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Wind Sail Premium Leaf


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The Bowflag® Premium Leaf Wind Sail Flag is a flag display with a sturdy frame constructed of aviation-grade fiberglass and steel poles. Available in three sizes, this flagpole reaches a maximum of 18’ tall. The surfer shape of the display allows the print to remain visible at all times with no wind necessary. It is finished with printed pole sleeves in place of black poly-stretch header tape to maximize advertising space. No tools are necessary to set up this flagpole. The included economy bag can be used to store your client’s display while traveling. We also offer an optional carrying case with handles and individual pockets for easier transport. The Bowflag®Premium Leaf Wind Sail Banner is ideal for in-ground outdoor use to promote a championship game or to identify the registration booth for a marathon.

Our Bowflag® Premium Leaf is a flag system constructed of fitted poles to give your client’s flag display a more secure structure. Three sizes range in height from 12’ to 18’ tall and in print size from 3’x9’ to 4’x17’. Your client’s custom print comes on either our proven flag fabric or special stretch mesh fabric and in a single-reverse or double-sided layout. To assemble, simply connect the poles to form the distinctive shape and mount the print to the hardware. A wide variety of base options are available for use with this flagpole, including indoor solutions like the Steel Plate 22”x22”/40lb and outdoor solutions like the Ground Sleeve 26”. Your client can purchase optional accessories such as the Weight Bag 2gal or L Stake 8” Set (2pk) for additional stability in windy conditions. Want a different look? The Bowflag® Premium is offered in three additional shapes, including Arrow, Scoop, and Shield. All four shapes are available in any of our 20 stock colors if a custom design isn’t necessary.

  • Medium – 3.1′ x 9.2′
  • Large – 3.8′ x 12.0′
  • XLarge – 4.1′ x 16.8′


  • Multiflag® – Knitted polyester fabric with excellent through print and high resistance to tearing

Layout & Finishing

  • Single-reverse – Finished with pole sleeves made of printed flag material
  • Double-sided – Two prints sewn together with a blocking inner liner, finished with pole sleeves made of printed flag material
HardwarePart Number


  • Medium – #HS_BF009
  • Large – #HS_BF010
  • XLarge – #HS_BF011


  • Medium – 11.5′
  • Large – 14.1′
  • XLarge – 18.2′


  • Medium – …lb
  • Large – …lb
  • XLarge – …lb


  • Aviation-grade fiberglass poles
  • Steel pole
  • Economy bag





Item Description
Finish: Single/Reverse Single-Reverse (SR): Single sided print, hemmed sides, left side with sleeve made of printed flag material, one grommet at bottom.
Finish: Double Sided Two prints sewn together with blocking inner liner to achieve a double-sided positive flag, sides are pillow case style hemmed on inside, printed flag material sleeve on left side, one grommet at bottom. Note: Set Two Hardware is recommended for Double-Sided flags.
Basic Color Flag No Text Or Artwork plain basic colored flag
Cross Base A 28" x 28" Steel, collapsible, includes bearing, 28" x 28" Est. Weight: 7 lbs Use with Wind Sail, Portable Flagpole
Cross Base B 22" x 22" Steel; powder-coated, collapsible, includes bearing, 22" x 22" Est. Weight: 3.3 lbs Use with Wind Sail, Portable Flagpole
Cross Base C 21" x 21" Steel and plastic; powder-coated, includes bearing, 21" x 21" Est. Weight: 19.8 lbs Use with Wind Sail, Portable Flagpole
Cross Base D 39.2" x 39.2" Steel; powder-coated, 39.2" x 39.2" Est. Weight: 36 lbs Use with Wind Sail, Portable Flagpole, Empire Pole 100
Ground Stake C Steel Stake 7 lbs Steel Stake Est. Weight: 7lb Use with Wind Sail, Portable Flagpole
Moderate Artwork Layout Have us design your banner for you.
Simple Artwork Layout Have us design and layout your poster. If you would like us to do any clean up work or design something from scratch for you, additional charges will incur.
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