Solar Sign Lite

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Solar Sign Lite


Additional Information

Sslite ™ Advantage is a Solar Powered, Eco-Friendly, Cost Effective light!

Sslite Advantage can be used on Business signs, Real Estate Signs, Mailboxes, Boat Slips, Barns, Fences and much more!

The Solar Sign Light has patented technology and uses the power of the Sun.  With Solar Cells and Rechargeable Double AA Batteries the Solar Sign Light will last for 10 Hours on 4 Hours of Direct Sunlight.

Easy to install and theft proof!  The Solar Sign Light is easily screwed into your sign with the special allen wrench that comes with the product.

1. Uses Patented Solar Technology with LED light bulbs.
2. Automatic sensors turn the light on at dusk and off at dawn.
3. Theft proof with the security screws and special allen wrench which is included.
4. Two adjustable arms that have bright LED lights that can be positioned on either side of your sign for maximum coverage.
5. Easy installation. Just place on your sign post and use the special allen wrench to screw into the sign.


1. Patented
2. Heavy duty design using the same plastics as interior engine parts.
3. Installs on Sign Frames up to 2“ wide.
4. Highly efficient Solar Panel
5. 100,000 Hour LED
6. Battery Life of 10 hours.
7. Installs on sign frames up to 2” wide.
8. Will illuminate 20” x 24” signs.
9. Water Proof
10. Anti-Theft tool and screws

1. Remove product from the package
2. Turn the on/off button located on the bottom of the unit to ON.
3. Place unit on top of sign post.
4. Use the special anti-theft allen wrench to screw light into sign post. Remove the suction cups if sign is not aluminum.
5. Suction cups are for aluminum and other non-wood signs so the unit will not damage the sign.
6. Allow to charge in direct sunlight for 4 hours.
7. Unit will automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn.
8. Do not use more than 15 pounds of torque when tightening the screws. Over tightening will result in damage to the product. Adequate security is achieved if screws can not be loosened by hand. Additional security can be achieved by removing hex head screws, drilling a hole through the sign and installing a cable lock. Cable Lock "Sold Separately".

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