SignTrax Message Boards

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SignTrax Message Boards


Additional Information

The SignTrax™ system allows users to change from a graphic panel to a message board, and back again in seconds. The SignTrax™ system also allows for inserting optional clear plastic over the sign faces. These covers protect the letters and graphics from the weather, and also from pranksters who may rearrange the text. The SignTrax™ system includes our exclusive built-in locking mechanisms. A standard padlock (not included) locks the sign panels and clear covers in place for added security.

Our patent pending riveted Trax system on a molded plastic A-frame comes with two blank 36" by 23 and 3/4" slide out coroplast panels on each side. These panels may be screen printed or have vinyl graphics applied to them.  You can also attach posters to the panels.


  • Over 300 letters and numbers
  • Two large inserts for images and logos
  • Letter storage container with divider tabs for easy filing
  • Funnel to ballast with sand.


Item Description
Clear Acrylic Covers Set of two acrylic covers that fit into our Sign Trax System on a panel or message board sign. These may be added to a sign purchased without them or to replace damaged ones..
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