Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference in vector and raster artwork?

Raster Files:

Raster files are made up of tiny squares, known as pixels. The appropriate pixels are filled in to represent a design's lines and arcs. The quality of a raster file is measured in DPI (dots per inch). In order for us to use a raster file, the file must be at least 300dpi. We cannot enlarge an existing raster file without losing some of its graphical quality.

Vector Files:

A vector file, on the other hand, is a file whereby lines and arcs are stored as vector coordinates. This means that vector files are made up of precisely defined entities, each with its own beginning and end, rather than lumpy groups of pixels as found in raster files. Vector files can be enlarged and manipulated without loosing any graphical quality.

Can you create a decal for me using my raster file?

Yes. However there are many variables and circumstances that we will have to discuss on an individual basis. You will need to send the file to us. Once we have determined all pertinent issues involved, we will explain your options.

Is there a program that converts raster to vector?

Yes, there are several. However they are very rough and usually require re-building. There is not a simple way to convert raster to vector that does not involve labor in cleaning the image.

Can you convert my raster image to a vector file?

Yes. We will be happy to give you a quote for converting your image.

Will your letters withstand winter elements?

Yes. The sun is their worst enemy. Over many years the sun will work away at the decals causing them to eventually fade and curl. This usually takes at least 5 years abd sometimes as much as 10 or more.

Can you create a decal using our Logo?

Yes, we will need to see your logo to determine if it will need work to convert to a decal. You can send your best resolution file to us Click Here To Contact Us.

How big can you make vinyl letters?

We can create vinyl letters as tall as 60". Please contact us for a custom quote on large lettering.

Can you Guarantee color matches?

No we can not. We can provide you with a color sample via Mail. It is not possible to provide proofs to all of our customers that will look exactly like the actual product. This is for two reasons.

  1. Everyone uses different computer monitors and settings.
  2. A computer screen is illuminated, so the colors will appear different on the screen than they do in real life.


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