Custom Corrugated Plastic Elect Mayor Political Sign

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Corrugated Plastic

Custom (2" h x2" w)
1+ $25.00
2+ $12.50
6+ $4.17
11+ $2.27
16+ $1.56
20+ $1.25
25+ $1.00
50+ $0.50
75+ $0.33
100+ $0.25
150+ $0.23
200+ $0.22
250+ $0.19
300+ $0.17
500+ $0.15
1000+ $0.14

Additional Information

  • 4mm Corrugated Plastic
  • Most Affordable Substrate
  • Easy to Install

Corrugated plastic signs are great for outdoor advertising.  No matter if you are selling a house, expressing your political views, or running a business, these signs get your name out there.  These signs are not as durable as Aluminum, but are lightweight and very affordable.  They also are compatible with inexpensive wire stakes which are available in our accessory section.


Attribute Description
10 mm Corrugated Plastic Thicker grade coroplast material. Normally used for property Real Estate Signs, but not limited to.
2nd Side Same Select this option if you would like the same graphics and text on the back side of your sign.
4mm White PVC UPGRADE 4mm PVC signs are lightweight durable plastic material, with a smooth matte finish on both sides. Along with coroplast PVC is a great choice for quick and temporary signage. The surface has virtually no glare or reflection which has a conservative appeal. Plastic PVC Signs are lightweight, thin and easy to mount with screws, double-sided tape or adhesive. PVC is best used indoors but can be used outdoor for short term periods.
Aluminum dibond 3mm Two aluminum sheets sandwiched between a plastic core
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