President Elect Aluminum Political Sign

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Custom Aluminum Sign

12"H x 16"W 9"H x 12"W 18"H x 24"W
1+ $25.00 $25.00 $31.65
2+ $18.78 $15.15 $30.07
6+ $18.39 $14.83 $29.44
11+ $17.79 $14.35 $28.48
16+ $17.40 $14.04 $27.85

Additional Information

  • High performance vinyl permanently bonded to a rigid .040" aluminum sign
  • Rust resistant, withstands outdoor environmental conditions.
  • Withstands -40 to 176 F temperatures.


Attribute Description
2nd side same Back side will have same text graphic, and layout as the front side of the sign
Simple Layout of Artwork This includes vectoring basic logos and emailing you a separate proof with the layout of the sign.
2 HOLES DRILLED If you would like holes drilled into your aluminum sign, please check this box. The holes will be determined for best layout and orientation.
Calendered Laminate Lamination protects from the wear and tear that occurs during handling and shipping, protecting from abrasion, dirt, pollutants, chemicals, and nearly all solvents
Add 3/4 Rounded corners give the sign a nice professional look and help prevent someone from getting hurt from the sharp corners on a metal sign.
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