Empire Pole Parallel Arm

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Empire Pole Parallel Arm Flagpole

3.8' x 13.1'
1+ $939.08
2+ $892.13
6+ $873.35
11+ $845.17
16+ $826.39

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The T-Pole® Basic Parallel Arm is a height-adjustable flagpole constructed of aluminum hardware, including four banner arms and a telescopic pole that stands at three heights with the maximum at almost 18’. Unlike the Double Arm model, which mounts the banner arms in a line to form a T shape, the banner arms are parallel to each other to create a unique double-sided display. Your client is able to show either two different images or the same image on both sides. Because they are mounted back to back, prints are available in single-reverse only. Assembly is a simple process that can be completed in just a few minutes. Pack the telescopic flagpole into the included carrying case to keep it secure while traveling. Use it indoors and outdoors to advertise that a restaurant now delivers or to greet visitors to a company’s corporate office.

  • The T-Pole® Basic Parallel Arm is an eye-catching aluminum flagpole that weighs 18lb. It features two custom prints that measure nearly 4’x13’ and are available in three fabric options, including a mesh fabric with a slight stretch and no hemming required. The prints are finished in a single-reverse layout with grommets across the top and bottom for mounting. To set up this flag display, your client starts by assembling the banners arms, banner arm mount, and telescopic pole to create the V-shaped frame. Then they mount the custom prints and adjust the flagpole to the desired height. Your client can choose one of our many base options to complete their height-adjustable flagpole, with an in-ground base such as the Ground Sleeve 15” or an above-ground base like the Steel Plate 22”x22”/40lb. Most base options can be used with the Weight Bag 13gal for additional stability in outdoor areas. We offer the T-Pole® Basic in several other attention-grabbing styles such as the T-Pole® Basic Single Arm, T-Pole® Basic Double Arm, and T-Pole® Basic Triple Arm.


  • (2) 3.8′ x 13.1′


  • Multiflag® – Knitted polyester fabric with excellent through print and high resistance to tearing

Layout & Finishing

  • Single-reverse –  Hemmed sides, top and bottom side with header tape wrapped in printed flag material and finished with 6 grommets each
HardwarePart Number


  • #H_TP00161


  • 3 heights up to 17.7ft


  • 18.0lb


  • Telescopic aluminum pole
  • (4) Aluminum banner arms
  • Banner arm mount
  • Banner arm clips
  • Pole clips
  • Polyester carrying case






Attribute Description
Pole Set 1 (1) Telescopic aluminum pole & (4) banner arms Includes carrying case. Aluminum poles, Plastic Clip, CS Connector and End Cap.
Cross Base 30"x30", Bracket & Wt. Bag 13gal Collapsible aluminum base option Includes 13gal weight bag
Water Base & Support Bracket Foldable PVC base Includes polyester carrying case and Support Bracket
Steel Plate 22"x22"/40lb & Pole Pipe Flat steel base with cut out handle Includes steel pipe Weight bag recommended for outdoor use
Steel Plate 22"x22", Pole Pipe & Wt. Bag 13gal Flat steel base with cut out handle Includes steel pipe Includes 13gal weight bag
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