Empire Pole Double Arm

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Empire Pole Double Arm Flagpole

3.8' x 11.5'
1+ $908.14
2+ $862.74
6+ $844.57
11+ $817.33
16+ $799.16

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The T-Pole® Basic Double Arm  is constructed of two aluminum banner arms as well as a height-adjustable aluminum pole that can reach three heights up to almost 18’. This flagpole features two custom prints, so your client can display either a different image on each print or the same image on both prints for more exposure. The telescopic pole uses spring buttons to lock it at one of the three desired heights, allowing this flagpole to be assembled easily in minutes. In addition to being user-friendly, this flag display is highly portable with an included carrying case to allow for storage. Use the T-Pole® Basic Double Arm indoors and outdoors to promote an upcoming show at a local theater or to direct traffic to employee and visitor parking.

  • The T-Pole® Basic Double Arm is a 13lb flagpole solution constructed of sturdy aluminum hardware. It features two custom prints that measure around 4’x12’ each and are available on three different fabrics, including a special mesh fabric that has a slight stretch and doesn’t require hemming. Prints are finished in either a single-reverse or double-sided layout with grommets across the top and side for mounting to the hardware. Because it is constructed of a height-adjustable pole, this flagpole is easy to assemble quickly. Your client simply attaches both banner arms to the telescopic pole, mounts the custom prints using the included banner arm and pole clips, and adjusts to the desired height. We offer a wide variety of base options for the T-Pole® Basic, such as the Car Base 4lb and the Cross Base 32”x32”/36lb. Our Weight Bag 13gal can be added for use in outdoor settings and an optional Foldable Table is also available. Is your client searching for a different look? Choose one of our other T-Pole® Basic models like the T-Pole® Basic Single Arm, T-Pole® Basic Parallel Arm, and T-Pole® Basic Triple Arm.


  • (2) 3.8′ x 11.5′


  • Multiflag® – Knitted polyester fabric with excellent through print and high resistance to tearing

Layout & Finishing

  • Single-reverse – Hemmed sides, left and top side with header tape wrapped in printed flag material, left side finished with 8 grommets (double grommet at the top) and top side with 4 grommets
  • Double-sided – Two prints sewn together with a blocking inner liner, pillow-case style hemmed sides, left and top side with header tape wrapped in printed flag material, left side finished with 8 grommets (double grommet at the top) and top side with 4 grommets
HardwarePart Number


  • #H_TP00160


  • 3 heights up to 17.7ft


  • 13.0lb


  • Telescopic aluminum pole
  • (2) Aluminum banner arms
  • Banner arm clips
  • Pole clips
  • Polyester carrying case





Attribute Description
Pole Set 1 (1) Telescopic aluminum pole & (2) banner arms Includes carrying case. Aluminum poles, Plastic Clip, CS Connector and End Cap.
Cross Base 30"x30", Bracket & Wt. Bag 13gal Collapsible aluminum base option Includes 13gal weight bag
Water Base & Support Bracket Foldable PVC base Includes polyester carrying case and Support Bracket
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