Flag Pole Basic

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Flag Pole Basic

5.0' x 3.0' 2.5' x 5.0' 2.5' x 6.0' 3.0' x 2.0'
1+ $188.98 $188.98 $188.98 $188.98
2+ $179.53 $179.53 $179.53 $179.53
6+ $175.75 $175.75 $175.75 $175.75
11+ $170.08 $170.08 $170.08 $170.08
16+ $166.30 $166.30 $166.30 $166.30

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 flagpole bases


Flagpole Basic is a display solution that features a finial and pulley system like traditional flagpoles but is user-friendly and portable as well. Its lightweight aluminum poles can be displayed in five different heights up to about 20’. Custom prints come in either portrait format, measuring either 2.5'x5.0’ or 2.5’x6.0’, or landscape format, measuring either almost 5.0’x3.0’ or 3.0’x2.0’. The aluminum pole segments snap together, the halyard mounts to the bottom pole segment, and the pole cap and finial attach to the top so your client can assemble their display quickly and easily. This flagpole is mounted into the ground using the PVC Ground Tube. The optional carrying case allows it to be taken wherever it is needed. Use the Flagpole Basic outdoors to display decorative prints at a special event or to promote a local organization at a holiday parade.


The Flagpole Basic is a mobile flag display. It is constructed of five aluminum pole segments that are lightweight at approximately 9lb total and snap together easily. Your client can use any number of the pole segments to achieve a different height with the maximum height at around 20’. Custom prints come on our proven flag fabric in both portrait and landscape format. Setting up this flagpole display is a simple process that takes a matter of minutes. Your client starts by putting the aluminum pole segments together. Then they attach the halyard, pole cap, and finial and install the rope. The PVC ground tube is inserted into the ground before mounting the custom print and erecting the flagpole. While this model uses the PVC ground tube as a base, there are several other options available, including the Flagpole Basic & Cross Base 32”x32”/36lb, Flagpole Basic & Car Base 4lb, Flagpole Basic & Car Base 8lb, Flagpole Basic & Ground Sleeve 15”, and Flagpole Basic & Steel Plate 22”x22”/40lb.






  • 5.0' x 3.0'
  • 3.0' x 2.0'
  • 2.5' x 5.0'
  • 2.5' x 6.0'
  • Custom sizes


  • Multiflag® - Knitted polyester fabric with excellent through print and high resistance to tearing




Layout & Finishing

  • Single-reverse - Hemmed sides, left side with header tape and grommets as needed
  • Double-sided - Two prints sewn together with a blocking inner liner, pillow-case style hemmed sides, left side with header tape and grommets as needed



Part Number

  • #H_FP00100


  • 5 heights up to 20.3ft


  • 9.3lb






  • (5) Aluminum poles
  • (2) Plastic snap hooks
  • Halyard
  • Screws
  • Pole cap with finial
  • PVC ground/diameter adjustment tube


  • Universal Carrying Case


Attribute Description
Pole Set 1 5 Aluminum pole segments, halyard, finial, PVC ground tube, pole cap, rope, screws, and 2 plastic snap hooks
Ground Peg he Auger Sleeve is a base option for displays that screws into sand or soft soil. Constructed of black plastic with a steel core, the Auger Sleeve measures approximately 4”x21” and weighs about 2lb. It also features two built-in handles that are used to screw the base into the ground easily and collapse for storage. The integrated bearing allows movement in the wind. The Auger Sleeve is for outdoor use only and can be used with the Bowflag® Basic, Bowflag® Plus and Portable Flagpole.
Car Base A & Pole Pipe The Car Base 4lb is a steel base option that uses the weight of a vehicle for stability. It measures approximately 9”x23” and weighs about 4lb. This base is mainly for outdoor use, but it can be used indoors with the Bowflag® Basic, Bowflag® Plus, and Portable Flagpole. The Connector is used to attach your client’s display to the base. It features a bearing, which allows the display to spin in the wind. The base has an M16 screw pre-installed that is used to mount the Connector.
Car Base B & Pole Pipe The Car Base 8lb is a base option that uses the weight of a vehicle to stabilize your client’s display. This almost 8lb steel base measures approximately 19”x25”. While designed primarily for outdoor use, this base can be used indoors as well. It is great with our Bowflag® Basic, Bowflag® Plus, or Portable Flagpole. The Connector is used to mount the display to the base and has a bearing for movement in the wind. To attach the Connector to the Car Base 8lb, our M16 Screw 2.0” is pre-installed.
Square Base D, M16 Screw & Pole Pipe The Steel Plate 12”x12”/10lb is a square base plate with a low profile design. Constructed of steel, it measures about 12”x12” and weighs approximately 10lb. This base plate option is made for flat surfaces indoors and outdoors. Your clients can use it to display the Bowflag® Basic, Portable Flagpole, or Barrier System Basic. A Thorn easily screws into the Steel Plate so the display can be connected to the base in a few seconds. Optional accessories include the plastic Weight Bag 2gal,which adds 20lb to the base when filled, and L Stakes, which stabilize the base by fixing it to the ground. The Steel Plate 12”x12”/10lb can be taken on the road with an optional carrying case.
Water Base & Support Bracket The Cross Base Water takes the concept of a weight bag and combines it with a cross base for an all-in-one solution. Constructed of steel and plastic, it measures 21”x21” and weighs 6lb. When the Cross Base Water is completely filled with water or sand, it weighs 19lb. For indoor or outdoor use, this base is compatible with the Bowflag® Basic, Bowflag® Plus, Bowflag® Premium, and Portable Flagpole. An included Thorn is used to connect your client’s display to the Cross Base Water. For added stability, it can be anchored to the ground with L Stakes. The Cross Base Water features collapsible legs and a carrying case for transporting.
Cross Base D & Pole Pipe The Cross Base 24”x24”/3lb is constructed of powder-coated steel with an included bearing that allows the display to spin in the wind. It weighs about 2lb and measures approximately 24”x24”. The Cross Base 24”x24”/3lb can be used indoors and outdoors with the Bowflag® Basic, Bowflag® Plus, Bowflag® Premium, or Portable Flagpole. When used outdoors, optional accessories such as L-Stakes , which secures the Cross Base when on soil, and the Weight Bag 2gal, which adds extra weight, give the display more stability. The Cross Base 24” has legs that slide on top of each other for easy storage during travel.
Cross Base, Support Bracket, & Weight Bag The Cross Base 32”x32”/36lb is constructed of powder-coated steel. This base measures approximately 31”x31” and weighs 36lb. The Cross Base 32”x32”/36lb can be used with displays for hard, flat surfaces in indoor or outdoor settings, such as the Bowflag® Basic, Bowflag® Plus, Bowflag® Premium, or Portable Flagpole. The Connector, a 2”x7” steel base accessory, is required to connect your client’s display to this base with a bearing that lets the display spin in the wind. For windy outdoor areas, the plastic Weight Bag 13gal can add about 102lb for extra stability. The legs can slide on top of each other to make transportation of the Cross Base 32”x32”/36lb easier.
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