Wind Sail Basic Convex

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Convex Wind Sail Sign Banners

1.3 ft x 3.1 ft Convex 1.6 ft x 4.9 ft Convex 1.8 ft x 6.6 ft Convex 2 ft x 8.5 ft Convex 2.6 ft x 11.2 ft Convex 2.8 ft x 12.8 ft Convex
1+ $247.50 $252.00 $289.67 $325.46 $355.07 $391.92
2+ $235.13 $239.40 $275.19 $309.19 $337.32 $372.33
6+ $230.18 $234.36 $269.39 $302.68 $330.22 $364.49
11+ $222.75 $226.80 $260.70 $292.91 $319.56 $352.73
16+ $217.80 $221.76 $254.91 $286.41 $312.46 $344.89

Additional Information

The Bowflag® Basic Convex wind sail banner is a flag display constructed of sturdy aluminum and flexible fiberglass poles. This flagpole features a print with a convex-shaped bottom edge. The feather flag comes in six sizes, reaching a maximum height of 17’. The custom print comes in a single-reverse or double-sided layout and is finished with a reinforced pole tip and graphics that extend to the pole sleeve in place of poly-stretch header tape. This display comes with fitted poles that don’t require tools for easy assembly. An economy bag is included for effortless storage and transport. An optional carrying case is also available with handles for easier travel. The Bowflag®Basic Convex wind sail flag can be used with indoor and outdoor base solutions to advertise that a business is hiring or to direct participants at a charity walk.

The Bowflag® Basic Convex Wind Sail Flag is a user-friendly flag display. The flagpole is constructed of aluminum and fiberglass poles and ranges in height from 4’ to 17’, depending which of our six sizes your client chooses. The custom print comes on our proven flag fabric or special stretch mesh fabric as well as in single-reverse and double-sided layouts. Prints range in size from 1’x3’ to 3’x15’. Setting up this display simply involves connecting the poles, slipping on the custom print, and attaching it to the hardware using the included Bungee Cord and Bungee Cord Tensioner. Your client can complete this flagpole with a wide variety of base options, from temporary options like cross bases to longer-term options like our ground sleeves. For extra stability, add an optional accessory such as the Weight Bag 13gal or L Stake 7” Set (4pk). Four additional print shapes are available, including Concave, Straight, Angled, and Drop. Because all shapes utilize the same hardware, your client doesn’t need new hardware for a new look. Bowflag® Basic prints are also available in stock colors if a custom design is not necessary.


  • XXSmall – 1.3′ x 3.1′
  • XSmall – 1.6′ x 4.9′
  • Small – 1.8′ x 6.6′
  • Medium – 2.0′ x 8.5′
  • Large – 2.6′ x 11.2′
  • XLarge – 2.8′ x 14.8′


  • Multiflag® – Knitted polyester fabric with excellent through print and high resistance to tearing

Layout & Finishing

  • Single-reverse – Hemmed sides, left side finished with pole sleeve made of printed flag material with header tape reinforcement, tab sewn at bottom of print
  • Double-sided – Two prints sewn together with a blocking inner liner, pillow-case style hemmed sides, left side finished with pole sleeve made of printed flag material with header tape reinforcement tip, tab sewn at bottom of print
Part Number


  • XXSmall – #H_BF00061
  • XSmall – #H_BF00071
  • Small – #H_BF00100
  • Medium – #H_BF00200
  • Large – #H_BF00300
  • XLarge – #H_BF00400


  • XXSmall – 4.1′
  • XSmall – 5.9′
  • Small – 8.2′
  • Medium – 10.2′
  • Large – 13.5′
  • XLarge – 17.1′


  • XXSmall – 0.5lb
  • XSmall – 0.7lb
  • Small – 0.9lb
  • Medium – 1.0lb
  • Large – 1.4lb
  • XLarge – 2.0lb


  • Aluminum pole(s)
  • Fiberglass pole(s)
  • Clamp set
  • Economy bag





Attribute Description
Finish: Single/Reverse Single-Reverse (SR): Single sided print, hemmed sides, left side with sleeve made of printed flag material, one grommet at bottom.
Finish: Double Sided Two prints sewn together with blocking inner liner to achieve a double-sided positive flag, sides are pillow case style hemmed on inside, printed flag material sleeve on left side, one grommet at bottom. Note: Set Two Hardware is recommended for Double-Sided flags.
Bowflag 200 - Proven Strength and Durability Developed for durability in high wind areas, especially when using double-sided flags. Aviation fiberglass poles.
Standard Economy Carrying Case Comes standard with each pole set.
Durable Polyester Carrying Case Durable Polyester Carrying Case
Ground Sleeve Steel Peg Ground Sleeve.
Economy Car Base Economical durable lightweight aluminum Car Base. Use this with your car tire for support.
Car Base Durable lightweight aluminum Car Base. Use this with your car tire for support.
Cross Water Base with Spring Thorn This base is an all-in-one solution! It has a stylish design and can be used indoors and outdoors. Here are some additional advantages: • Built-in base holds water for support • Upscale alternative to using a base and weight bag • Spring Thorn reduces the possibility of damage in high wind areas. This base comes with its own carrying case.
Square 55x55 Steel Base Steel base, includes handle.
Water Base Plastic Hollow Base that uses water for weight.
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