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Custom Photo on Canvas Square Stretched

18"w x 18"h 36"w x 36"h 48"w x 48"h 10"w x 10"h 12"w x 12"h 14"w x 14"h 16"w x 16"h 24"w x 24"h
1+ $70.00 $198.28 $237.95 $38.50 $46.95 $54.25 $64.50 $95.25
2+ $66.50 $188.37 $226.05 $36.58 $44.60 $51.54 $61.28 $90.49
6+ $65.10 $184.40 $221.29 $35.81 $43.66 $50.45 $59.99 $88.58
11+ $63.00 $178.45 $214.15 $34.65 $42.25 $48.82 $58.05 $85.72
16+ $61.60 $174.49 $209.40 $33.88 $41.32 $47.74 $56.76 $83.82

Additional Information


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How do I work this?

  1. Click on Customize It button.
  2. Select and delete any photos or text on background.
  3. Click the upload tab on top and search for your photo. Click upload.
  4. Once photo is uploaded, click on it.
  5. Adjust photo to fit dimensions. (Adding text optional)
  6. Click Buy Now and select quantity of prints and your size.
  7. Click Add to Cart
  8. Checkout


  • Please reference your design # in email subject line and send only high quality 300 DPI or higher JPEG or TIFF files.
  • If you have a photo you would like to use and it needs any repairing, there will be a fee depending on what and how much work it needs. See restoration enhancement options above.
  • If you have a photo that you want scanned to use for this process, it should be sent to us via regular mail and we will scan it using our methods to guarantee the highest quality Photo to Canvas piece possible.


Confused? Don't be! Call us toll free at 1-866-970-6910 with any questions, comments, or concerns. We are more than happy to help guide you through the process.


Our custom Photos to Canvas Prints are perfect for:

Holiday Gifts                  

Family Photos                

Vintage Photos              

Business Photos            

Anniversary Photos       

Holiday Photos             

Pet Photos                    

Automobile Photos       


Medical Offices            

Conference Rooms        



We will spray your final Photo to Canvas masterpiece with a sealer and finishing spray that contains a UV coating to make it last as long as possible.                




Attribute Description
Minor Retouching Basic photo retouching and repairs.
Major Retouching Any photos needing some serious help, please check this box.
Convert to Black and White We take your full color digital print and convert to Black and White.
Convert to Sepia We take your full color digital print and convert to Sepia.
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