Custom Antique Estate Wall Plaque

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Custom Architectural Antique Aluminum Plaques - Cape Charles

20.5"w x 14"h 15"w x 9.5"h 7.5"w x 4.75"h
1+ $189.74 $115.54 $41.34
2+ $180.26 $109.77 $39.28
6+ $176.46 $107.45 $38.45
11+ $170.77 $103.99 $37.21
16+ $166.97 $101.68 $36.38

Additional Information

architectural antique plaque

Please Note that only the special font "Whitehall" can be used for these custom plaques. Disregard the font choices in our design tool. The Whitehall font is a serif font resembling the designs and photos you see listed. This font will automatically be used when your order is placed.

Also note that all petite sizes, that being the smallest size listed, can only fit one line of text, so please choose and design accordingly.

Create a lasting impression that carries throughout the home with these unique architectural plaques. These stylish antique plaques really enhance the look and feel of your own home. There is a reason these bronze plated plaques are called "Estate Signs" and you will see that once they are yours to keep and have mounted on or around your home.  Few products can add as much value to the curb appeal of your home as these personalized antique plaques can!


Each unique antique plaque is crafted from Rust-Free recycled aluminum, making these plaques a green product. Paints have been specially formulated and weather tested to withstand the harshest elements and all of our architectural plaques are designed to provide maximum visibilty to meet local "911" emergency standards.

Please choose a Serif Font in our design tool font category for best results.

In some cases the color matching is not 100% accurate as to what you see on this website.
If you would like to see a more realistic version of the color combinations, please click HERE.

Some things to consider when purchasing an Architectural Sign:


• Do you need a street name as well as 
 address number?  

• If this plaque is your only address 
 marker, it’s a good idea to check local 
 911 codes for proper number sizes. 

• Since each personalization is 
 different, we may select an
 alternate character size to optimize
 the appearance of your plaque.

Size and Location:

• Estate, standard, and petite sizes are 
 available in wall or lawn mount to 
 accommodate any space.

Style & Color:  

• What design, shape and color best 
 complements your home?


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Lawn Stakes Make your custom Architectural Plaque suitable for a lawn with these stakes.
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