Custom Floor 5 Thru 20 Stairwell Directional Sign

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Stairwell Evacuation Signs Vertical

13"H x 10"W 14"H x 11"W 15"H x 12"W
1+ $24.31 $32.37 $39.43
2+ $20.67 $27.52 $33.52
4+ $19.45 $25.90 $31.55
6+ $18.23 $24.28 $29.57
8+ $17.02 $22.66 $27.60
10+ $15.80 $21.04 $25.63

Additional Information

These engraved signs are made of made of 1/16” two color plastic engravable material.  You can customize these signs with your own background color and type face by hitting the customize it button bellow the prices.  Please note – if you select ADA upgrade your font will be a contrasting color and a standard block style font that is 1/32” raised text and ADA grade II braille. This is required per the Americans Disability Act for sign standards for the blind and disabled.  Remember to select the upgrade that matches your purchase such as double sided tape backing, a wall frame to enhance the sign, metallic (faux) surface, or even an ADA sign for the blind.

Remember that using the customize it button above you can change the background color, text, and layout to your liking.

Engraved Directional Signs are needed item in schools, companies, warehouses, stairwells, and more. These professional looking directional signs are the key to guidance in and around rooms and areas with in a public area.

For more local information about building codes in your area please call your local building or fire inspector.

To view ADA standards on all of these stairwell directional signs, please click HERE.

The City of Chicago passed an Emergency Evacuation Ordinance that requires immediate action for all high rise buildings. To view this ordinance, please click HERE.


Attribute Description
ADA COMPLIANT check this box If you would like to make your sign ADA Compliant. ADA compliant signs have 1/32" raised text (important text only) and Grade II Braille.
Artwork-Simple Cleanup Have us layout your design for your proof approval.
Metalic (faux) Surface Upgrade Choices include: Gold, Aluminum, and copper surfaces available. Please specify when purchasing.
Please Read Before Purchasing PLEASE NOTE: You must remove “sample text” on the template design and add your own text or leave blank otherwise Your order will print as shown on the screen with sample text. Please, read the context of your order carefully To avoid mistakes. Any items missed that need to be added or shipping cost not incorporated will be invoiced separately and must be paid via credit card, cash or check.
Double Sided Foam Tape High quality double sided foam tape.
Plastic Architectural Frame Plastic Architectural Frame available in most standard colors. Please specify which color in the shopping cart notes when ordering.
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